Marybeth Beeler Photography: Blog en-us (C) Marybeth Beeler Photography (Marybeth Beeler Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:37:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:37:00 GMT Marybeth Beeler Photography: Blog 120 80 Miss Ember Kay - Birth - UT Hospital Logan and Rachel messaged me a while back about them having a little girl and wanting to do a birth session. A few months later, on July 21st, I had gotten a message saying she is on the way!  I finished up with the sessions I had that morning and went to hospital. All in one day Miss Ember was here. It was my first birth session I had ever done. I had studied other birth photographers and sessions to make sure I knew which shots were important. During the whole I was there, Logan kept on showing love and concern towards Rachel. Rachael was a champ at this whole birth thing. The whole event was very emotional and raw. I'm very glad they picked me to capture this little girl coming into this world we all call home. 

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Carissa & Jose - Couple Session - World's Fair Park, Knoxville TN I have been photographing Carissa for the past year now. We have done her senior portraits, 3 proms, a family session, and this amazing couple session. Carissa and Jose are the cutest young couple I have photographed in a while. They went along with all of my crazy ideas. We captured amazing laughs and beautiful smiles with those off the wall ideas. They made each other laugh like it was a natural thing; like they didn't have to try at all. Smiles were constantly making appearances. You could really tell that they truly loved one another. 


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Starting Something New

 "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. "
                                                                                     - Walt Disney
I've been thinking about a lot about changing most things about my business this past few weeks. I have put my foot down and started changes things! The first one was my logo. Same brand, different look. Refreshing a look can change a whole lot for one or for a business. I wanted it to say I can make a statement about what I do. The boldness of the new logo stands for my editing style; bright and full of color. It's not like everyone else's style; light and air or dark and moody.
Next step is how I interact with my clients before, during, and after the session. I will be getting more information from my clients to help meet their needs. Interactions throughout the year will happen now. I don't want to be a one stop shop. I want you to be able to come to me for any and every session you could possibly want. I will be sending out thank you notes, discounted sessions, birthday cards, anniversary cards, and holiday cards to all of my clients. I want to be a part of your life just like the amazing images we created are.  
I will be more active on my social media pages. I'll be posting more about each session by telling a little story about the people I photograph. Instagram will be updated often! I will be doing giveaways every other month. Posting everyday will help me keep all of you updated on what’s happen with my company! 
I'm hoping with all of this change, I will better myself for my clients and my business. Making everything easier for you will make everything easier for me in the long run. I thank each client who has supported me from the beginning of Marybeth Beeler Photography or from the beginning of our relationship.
Let's capture something amazing!



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Delaney H. - World's Fair Park, Knoxville, TN "My name is Delaney Heath!! I live in Knoxville, Tennessee and grew up in the Carter community! I am currently home schooled... I switched to homeschooling my junior year just because it felt like a better fit for me! I try to stay involved in my community by volunteering at Carter Middle School and being a worship leader in my church! I hangout with my friends & family A LOT, that’s basically all I do!!"


This high school senior was so much fun to work with! She is my cousin and I'm so glad we had the time to set the session up. I loved working with her and her mom. They are both super sweet!



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Jaylene K. - World's Fair Park, Knoxville, TN Jaylene Kessler is a beauty and lifestyle blogger ready to show you products that are the quality of gold, but the price of platinum. Check out her blog and Instagram to see what she is all about! 


Instagram: @jayleneksslr

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Carissa & Brandon - Southern Railway Station This couple is all about each other. All they show towards each other is love. They are high school sweethearts and are totally adorable. I was happy to photograph them and the other couple that was also going to prom. I can't wait to work with them yet again!

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Tiah H. - Knoxville Botanical Gardens This lovely young lady has worked beside me doing hair and make up for some of my sessions. I wanted to give a session back to her what she has helped me with. Tiah is so sweet! she has two weakness make up and coffee. Her personality is so amazing. Tiah is so easy to get along with and we can talk about anything and everything under the sun. I love working with her and hope to again!

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